Grace Church, Logan Square

artist-in-residence 2015

During my three month artist residency at Grace Church, I explored how a community activates a building. My previous work had examined the difference between the house and home, so I took a leap into observing how the church building is brought to life, given purpose, used by its members. By discovering an archive of photos dating back to the 1920s, I was able to find snapshots, portraits and images that captured moments in time that defined the purpose and activity of the church at that moment. I’ve collected those moments, along with captured portraits of the current community and remixed them into a site-specific artwork that honors all those moments and people, past and present that have created this church, your church.

Traditional stained glass that often tells the stories of the bible illuminating church spaces is my inspiration for the site I selected for the installation. Allowing the photos of the people, past and present, to tell the story of Grace Church.