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Functional Objects

Design & Multiples

Functional objects created with the slip casting method that uses a plaster mold to cast ceramic objects. Mold-making is a challenging and rewarding technique that keeps focuses on designing negative space that creates a (positive) object

B. Swell Ceramics logo for neti pots and other cleansing vessels

Handmade Neti Pots

Most neti pots are ugly and plastic. I want to change that.

Adopting a neti pot into my regular cleansing routine changed my nasal life as a former smoker and allergy sufferer. I hope it will change the nasal health of others, too!

B. Swell Ceramics is a small business focused on good design, wellness, and cleansing with a touch of humor. The neti pot is the signature object. 

Creating a functional ceramic object with purpose has been a challenge to building my craftsmanship and skills. Four prototypes later, this unique sculptural form is ready to bring you relief while looking beautiful in your bathroom!

White porcelain neti pot prototypes
Robin egg blue vessel pops with bold wallpaper
B. Swell Ceramics maker mark
Neti pot in marble bathroom
Neti pot in relaxing english bathroom
Rustic bath with neti pot in reflection
Smell the peonies again!
B. Swell Ceramics maker mark
Light bulb slip cast tchotchkes
Hot water bottle vase
Hot water bottle vase prototype
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