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Material Experiments

Exploring organic and manufactured materiality is central to expanding my palette atypical art materials to create new forms. Curiosity, continuous learning, and discovery are at the core of this practice.


The ocean is my happy place, particularly the NW Pacific coast is where my fascination with seaweed grew. In 2018, during a residency at the Ketchikan Arts & Humanities Council, I was able to spend 10 days freely exploring it as a medium. Every return to the coast leads me to find a low tide.


Lack of access to a typical sculpture studio after college pushed me to adapt my creative practice to readily available materials. Tying the material and concept  mass produced, manufactured modules available in large quantities.

Melt +Toast + Dunk was a performative installation celebrating nostalgic childhood food Manufactured in Chicago during my CORE residency at the Chicago Art Department


For four summers, from 2010-2013, I captured the light from fireflies during their season. The Lumetype process was used and fireflies were not harmed in the process 

Fireflies are a species of insects that intrigue us all with their bioluminescent properties and their benign nature. They evoke joyous memories of childhood summer nights when you would capture them in jars and then fall asleep with them glowing by your bedside.  Those bioluminescent properties are exactly what came back to mind when, as adult, I was introduced to the art-making process called Lumetype.  Lumetype was invented by Caro d’Offay and while working for her she taught me about the amazing properties of light and the potential for making a new kind of art with it.

Tulip Petals

Gathering and preserving of tulip petals from my old neighborhood. Only fallen tulip petals were collected on my daily walks around the neighborhood. Beeswax was used to preserve them. 

Tulips are symbolic of established homes, a grounding found by experiencing them seasonally, planted the fall before for future enjoyment.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or interest in any of my material explorations

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