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Hand-built Ceramics

Joy & Patience

No material is more humbling than clay. This body of work celebrates life, connection, and tenderness through ceramic explorations that integrate human, flora, and fauna forms into a newly evolving clay hand-building practice. Craftsmanship and patience gained from working on tedious, temporary pieces have led me to a renewed interest in clay as a material.

Art Drops

Occasionally I'll make a series of cute animals.

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Raku fired tile, bowl & flower

Raku fire

experimenting with different  glaze firings for metallic and smoke effects

claw butter dish

inspired by birds of prey who would never drop the butter dish cover like us humans.

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Slow Loris

Loris close-up

Loris close-up

cute, venomous primate

Loris overlooking city below

Loris overlooking city below

Loris posterior shot

Loris posterior shot



nocturnal primate known to be a monophasic sleeper, like humans

Sequoia Tree Sister Groves

Sister Groves series was inspired by my travels to meet the the Sequoia Redwood trees in Northern California in June 2021. They live in harmony and community with each other, ensuring survival through their dependency on each other.

A sequoia can live up to 3,000 years. Over the last two years, this endangered population has been under threat from climate change induced wildfires. Each grove in the triptych is unique, much like the relationships we have with our sisters (and brothers).